What We’re Reading: A journal called Flycatcher
Posted by on October 30, 2013


If you haven’t checked out the fledgling journal Flycatcher, it’s a journal worth a look. The recent issue ( No. 2, January 2013) had a few pieces that caught our attention. Michelle Nichols Wright has a way with one wonderfully-strung together sentence that comprises the entire flash-fiction piece “The Hound.” But “Fox Blossoms” was by far my favorite piece. In 100 words, the foxes in this story become characters, metaphor, and a source of conflict. Kendall Klym’s poem “Tractors and Tulle” rolls language off your tongue — if you read aloud. The language is fresh, devoid of the familiar. The essay “Whirpools,” by Anna Maria Johnson, was beautiful and nicely complemented by Steven David Johnson’s photography. I was glad Johnson took her readers on this introspective, spiraling journey.

Quotable: “Foxes reside among the graves in the cemetery where my mother is buried. They are not afraid of grief or the plastic flowers…” from “Fox Blossoms.”

The main thing I wished for in this issue was more fiction.

We’re excited to check out the next issue of this promising journal that strives, according to its about page, “to explore what it means—or what it might mean—to be native to this earth and its particular places.”

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  • Photo by Tyler Malone