Today Is {The Day!}
Posted by on June 27, 2014

Whew! What a week, huh? We’re glad it’s Friday, but mostly because today is the release of Steelies and Other Endangered Species: Stories on Water!

After months, we’re elated to see Rebecca Lawton’s beautiful collection of short stories come to life.  But we’re not the only ones excited. Office assistant Sandy couldn’t wait to get a sneak peak of the book either…

We want to thank designer James Knake, photographer Gary O’Boyle, all of our editors, including Kaitlin Atmore, who was a tremendous help copyediting,…and of course Rebecca for writing this collection!

Also, thanks again to all of you who supported Steelies through our Tugboat page. We can’t express our appreciation to you enough. If you haven’t received your copy of the book yet, you will very soon.

If you’re new here, check out the trailer for Steelies and Other Endangered Species: Stories on Water here.

As of today, you can order a paperback or Kindle version on Amazon here.

We hope you have a great weekend!


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  • Photo by Tyler Malone