Today Is {Birdiful}
Posted by on May 1, 2014

We’ve been busy lately, staying close to our toasty-warm and overworked laptops. But this morning we had a few hours open, and without hesitation laced up our hiking boots and escaped outside before time could catch up. For as Emerson wrote “the true scholar grudges every opportunity of action past by, as a loss …”

Here are a few birds that we sighted on the trail, starting with this white-eyed vireo that perched still just long enough for two shots.

We’ve been spotted!

The White-eyed Vireo is one of only two perching birds in the U.S. with white eyes. The other, the Wrentit, is only found in the westernmost part of the country.

This crested flycatcher had a bug breakfast. It was one of a pair, both loudly whistling to each other before they flew off. This lemon-bellied flycatcher is one of Florida’s most vocal and prettiest flycatchers.

This tufted titmouse was foraging through the oaks.

We hope you get a chance to take a midweek break too!

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  • Photo by Tyler Malone