We’re picky and particular, and we choose a limited number of manuscripts so we can dote on each work we publish — from the first round of edits to the book launch. 

The range of literature we admire is varied. But what we seek most is something we haven’t seen before. We want beautiful. We want poetic. We want subtle. We want your fearless longshot of words on the page. We want works with a strong ecological undercurrent. Of course, there’s no way to tell what exactly we will fall in love with, except by sending it to us, and we encourage submissions of unpublished fiction and nonfiction manuscripts that meet our mission.

Little Curlew Press is looking for finely tuned, completed fiction manuscripts for publication. Our bend is literary rather than genre. We are currently looking for novels, collections of stories, and nonfiction.

Please send query letter, along with the first 10 pages of the manuscript. Queries can be emailed to If we are interested in reading the manuscript, we will get back to you within 30 days.

A few of the writers we admire include (in no particular order): Peter Matthiessen, Craig Childs, Marilynne Robinson, Larry Brown, David Vann, Rick Bass, John Updike, Rachel Carson, Ron Rash, Jack Kerouac, Thomas McGuane, Gary Snyder, John Muir, Jon Krakauer, Lorine Niedecker, William Least Heat-Moon.


Submission deadline: Rolling

Promotion: While we do everything we can to promote an author, we expect an author to chip in. In fact, we feel it is necessary for the writer and publisher to enter into a partnership. We will provide each of our authors with a detailed, several-page outline with suggested promotional steps you can take to augment our promotional campaign. Our authors should be available to hold at least three readings during the year after book release, and should be prepared to maintain their own Facebook book page.

Book sales: Prospective authors should keep in mind we are a small independent press. The realistic hope is a small, but fiercely loyal and — most importantly, satisfied — customer base.

Acceptance rates: Little Curlew plans to publish only two quality books a year, and thus there will be far more manuscripts that we cannot accept. Chances for acceptance, however, increase for certain literary undercurrents and subjects — please see submissions information above.


Send your submissions today: