Our Spring Reading List
Posted by on April 30, 2015

It’s Spring and there’s a few books that we can’t wait to start reading, some new and some not-so-new. Here they are:

Our Nonfiction Editor Mary Ann has just started reading An Indomitable Beast: The Remarkable Journey of the Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz. You guys can expect a review sometime in the next few weeks!


OK, so this one won’t be a Spring read, but our Executive Editor Roger is still looking forward to reading it. Our Honey from the Lion by Matthew Neil Null is forthcoming later this year from Lookout Books.


Our Acquisition Editor Rachel is planning to read The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen, which was recommended to her by Roger. Roger loves this book and couldn’t believe Rachel hadn’t read it. (Roger wrote about the influence this book had on him here.)


Deep River Burning by Donelle Dreese is another book on Roger’s list. It’s a novel about a town ruined by coal mines.

Are any of these books on your reading list? If you’re planning on reading or re-reading any good environmental lit, let us know the title in the comments so we can add it to our list too!


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