Nice to Meet You: Rachel Gomez, Acquisitions Manager and Associate Editor
Posted by on November 14, 2013


This is the second post in our “Nice to Meet You” series, where we introduce our editors to our readers.

What book do you hope to find and publish?

I’d like to find a beautifully-written nonfiction book. I’d also like our press to publish a fiction book that is thought-provoking. I feel like when I read it, I’ll know this is it. I’d be very interested in seeing more environmental fiction and nonfiction manuscripts set in the southeast.

What kind of books capture your attention?

I really like fiction that is, at least in part, based on true stories. The best fiction projects are well-researched. I also like nonfiction environmental and historical books. I really like when a nonfiction book has a fiction-like quality, in the sense that it delves into the intricate stories of individuals or the time period. For example, Blue Highways: A Journey Into America by William Least Heat-Moon is amazing. I also like Rachel Carson‘s books.

What is something contemporary literature has failed to do?

I don’t want to read a textbook. Although I definitely like learning from the nonfiction books I read, it’s important to me that there is some life and movement in the story. I sometimes feel that contemporary literature forgets about the finer points of storytelling. If I’m reading a biography, I want it to come alive and not just be about a life. If I’m reading a memoir, I want it to be poetic and not just about a story. To me it’s how the story is told that is important.

Want to know more? See Rachel’s bio on our About Us page.

Stay tuned for our next post in this series that will introduce our editor Mary Ann Hogan.

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