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Posted by on April 3, 2014

The deadline has passed, and we’re happy to say that we raised $1,125!

We are humbled by the support — especially all the donations and kind retweets and shares from all of you these last few days!

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored Steelies and Other Endangered Species: Stories on Water through the Tugboat Yards page:

Susan P. Cohan

Katrina Mayosmith

Timothy F Lawton

Khanh Ha

Roy D Tennant

Gregg B. Harmon

Susan Bono

JoeAnn Hart

Robyn McCulloch

Juliet W. Bradley

J.D. Gray

E. Tunstall Lang

Kathryn B. Wilder

Anna Westendorf

Jane A. Antee

Mr. Stephen J. Rutt

Susan J. Tweit

Kimmie Nguyen

Susan M. Wujastyk

Lillian T. Howan

AnnaMaria Dinatali

Andrew Anker

Lydia Laurenson

We’d also like to thank our offline contributors:

Catherine Sevenau

Rebecca Mathias

Carol Mattice

Bill Van Zandt

Barbara Flajnik

We raised $1,125. Here’s a graph to give you an idea of where the funds will go:

(Production includes all aspects of producing the book–cover design, editing, etc. Promotion includes the items you, our sponsors, purchased through the Tugboat Yards page, and production of the book trailer among other marketing.)

We didn’t quite reach our goal of $1,500, but the good news is you can still get your copy of Steelies and/or support the book! We’re going to keep the same offers on the Tugboat page for a few more weeks and any money we receive through it will still go towards Steelies.

Again, thanks so much to all of our supporters! You will be receiving your books and/or tote bags soon! 😉

Also, thanks to all of you who shared or retweeted and helped spread word about this campaign.

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