Forthcoming in 2014: Steelies and Other Endangered Species
Posted by on December 19, 2013


We’re excited to announce that Little Curlew Press will be publishing Rebecca Lawton’s Steelies and Other Endangered Species: Stories on Water in 2014.

All fifteen stories in the collection are linked by water — from Utah’s winding canyons to Alaska’s volatile bays. The characters are united by their painful pasts, the solace they find in fast-moving waters and their fight to save that which is most endangered.

In the title story “Steelies,” river guide R.J. has to decide if she will break the law to save one of the last holdouts of steelhead trout. In “Endangered Species,” displaced logger Tom also has to make a choice when he finds out a mountain lion is in peril. Then in “No Way Bay,” fisherman George Victor pushes into dangerous waters as he tries to hold onto his ancestors’ culture. In “The Middle of a River in Flood,” R.J. remembers a treacherous journey with a close friend who loses a fight with cancer.

In these gripping stories, rivers, oceans and ephemeral washes are not only settings, they’re vessels for our most beloved element in all its liquid beauty, strength and potential for violence. Steelies and Other Endangered Species is an unforgettable journey on water by an author who knows it from the inside out, having guided on it, swum and sailed it, rowed and paddled it and written about it for decades.

We’re looking forward to working with Rebecca! A little about her: She was one of the first women guides on Western whitewater, won the Ellen Meloy Fund Award for Desert Writers and was a San Francisco Chronicle Bay Area best-selling author for Reading Water: Lessons from the River (Capital Books).

More details to come! We’ll be sharing more about the author and the book here on our blog in the coming weeks.

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  • Tunstall
    4 years ago - Reply

    A new book coming from Becca Lawton – this is exciting news! And a welcome followup to the splendid Junction, Utah!

  • Becca Lawton
    4 years ago - Reply

    Thanks, Tunstall! Looking forward to your own novel soon!

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