For the Writers: When do you write?
Posted by on July 29, 2014

I have tried lately to write in the afternoon. I get a sentence, maybe two. But something is out of synch. I’ll try in late morning—say around 10 a.m. But that doesn’t work, either.

In the early morning when I have the pad open with the first of the sun’s warmth, that is my best time to write. Some authors have routines. Kerouac worked best from midnight to dawn; E. B. White wrote whenever he could through the carnival of ordinary distractions in the living room.

What’s your time? Does routine matter? Or can you write whenever you have an hour, or less, or more?

-Posted by Roger


  • Megan Lawrence
    3 years ago - Reply

    I write best at night or when I’m under pressure for a deadline!

    • Roger Real Drouin
      3 years ago - Reply

      Yes, deadline’s don’t hurt, at all, Megan 🙂 I think the quiet of morning is very similar in some ways to night. I just love to write with the newness of the first light.

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