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Posted by on December 30, 2013


We’ve been spending some time reading quite a few lit journals filled with some awesome writers —from the well-published, to new writers we hope to see more of.

Below is our list of the top eight journals that are publishing quality environmental lit. (Yes, we’ve decided to join the “best-of list” craze that comes this time of year, but this will be our only one. We promise!)

From the national magazines to the lesser-known online zines, below is our list of the top environmental literary journals.

The traditional journals such as Ecotone are publishing some of the best, from Rick Bass to Ron Rash, alongside promising writers. This semiannual journal, founded in 2005 and published at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, has won more than 45 Pushcart prizes.

At the same time, circulation and masthead is not destiny in this list. The smaller journals such as the fledgling Flycatcher, Unity College’s Hawk and Handsaw, and the ever-feisty Canary: A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis are doing much of the heavy plow work — exploring our relationship with the natural world, from our backyards to the wild landscapes, and capturing the fragile existence of species and habitats. Canary, which publishes short fiction and essays alongside poetry, is one of our favorite journals on the list.

Some of the journals on the list are also publishing beautiful visual arts such as this photo essay at Newfound journal.

We hope you’ll share with us what your favorite eco lit journals are. Here are ours:


Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment

This journal consistently publishes some of the best environmental essays (see Maya Khosla’s “Notes from the Eastern Edge of Time: A Turtle Diary” and an eccentric mix of short stories.

Canary: A literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis

Publishes shorter, yet beautiful, essays and fiction alongside poetry.

newfound journal


This non-profit literary and visual arts publication is pretty awesome. We love the web site’s layout, too.

We agree with The Review Review that “this is a journal that has something for everyone interested in the ideas of environment, place, and culture — readers and writers alike.”

Hawk & Handsaw 

A journal publishing powerful writing focused on environmental issues and topics.


If you haven’t already checked out Flycatcher, this journal is definitely worth a look. Just be warned: you might spend some time here. See our previous post on issue No. 2 of this journal here.


One of the best environmental journals.


With more than 45 Pushcart prizes under its belt, this journal is one of only two magazines since 2006, in the United States, to have had its work reprinted in Best American Essays, Best American Short Stories, Best American Poetry, Best American Science and Nature WritingThe Pushcart Prize, and The PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories.

Did we miss any good ones? Which journals would make your top eco lit journals list?

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  • Madison Jones
    3 years ago - Reply

    I wanted to invite you to check out Kudzu House Quarterly, a journal of environmental writing.


    M.P. Jones IV

  • Candace
    11 months ago - Reply

    The Hopper is an excellent journal focusing on place and our natural environment.

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