A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Coffee, Bobcats and Solar Power to name a few
Posted by on January 30, 2014

Here’s a few things that caught our eye this week:


1.) We’re curious about this “bird-friendly coffee.” We just might have to try it soon!

bobcat fight pic

2.) How amazing is Rebecca Hughes Sabac’s bobcat photo? She was in the right place at the right time when she captured these two bobcats fighting in a tree!

3.) Water has always been a precious resource. And as with most things, shortages make us realize just how precious it is. Like us, you have probably heard of plenty of things you shouldn’t do in times of drought, so we found Rebecca Lawton’s blog post on things you can do during times of drought super interesting.

Owly Images

4.) Great news for clean energy: The Solar Foundation released its National Solar Jobs Census 2013, which found that the U.S. solar industry employed 142,698 Americans as of November 2013. This figure includes the addition of 23,682 solar workers over the previous year, representing an almost 20 percent growth since September 2012. Whoo-hoo!

5.) A beautifully written blog post by Stephen Rutt on taking in the scenery while looking for birds. His language is descriptive and poetic–something not often seen in blogs.


6.) This article in Christian Science Monitor on a study proving that old trees still got it when it comes to carbon absorption. In short: A global team of researchers took measurements of more than 670,000 trees from more than 400 species across tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions in six continents. What they found: Old trees absorb more carbon than new trees. This makes sense considering the foliage of these larger trees, but hopefully the study will have some affect on how the world’s forests are managed here on out.

7.) Aren’t Louise’s bird prints just gorgeous? We love them. Although you probably already knew this if you’re following our Illustrations board on Pinterest. 🙂

We hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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