A Few of Our Favorite Things: A Recovering Caracara, an Interview with Julian Hoffman and more
Posted by on April 10, 2014

Here are a few things that caught our eye (or ear!) lately:

1.) An excellent profile on Peter Matthiessen in The New York Times. The profile brings deserved attention to Matthiessen, who passed away last Saturday, and his works. He’s one of our favorite writers. Some of you may have read this review that we recently wrote on Wildlife in America  here on the blog. From this classic natural history to the Snow Leopard (one of our top books for the nature geek), we think he was one of the best narrative, poetic writers writing about nature.

2.) We enjoyed hearing Julian Hoffman talk about travel and place on West Marin radio last Saturday. He talked about dalmation pelicans, the beauty of the Prespa lakes region in Greece and his work monitoring birds near wind farms. He also read some passages from his book The Small Heart of Things. If you missed it, check out the interview here (the show aired 2014-04-05).

3.) This injured caracara that the Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center Inc. is caring for. This falcon was hit by a car in Florida. According to the group, both of his legs are broken, but they’re hoping for a 100 percent recovery after rehabilitation. Unfortunately, this tropical falcon is drawn to carrion, like vultures, and thus is often in danger of being hit by cars. Crested caracaras are scavengers, feeding mostly on carrion. They also take live prey and will hunt on foot, which is rare for a bird of prey. There are only about 250 nesting pairs of the the crested caracara in Florida.

4.) This article in the Standard Examiner about how wildlife advocates are preparing to retrace the 1,200-mile path of OR-7,  a wandering wolf whose trek in 2011 across Oregon and California attracted worldwide attention. Here’s to hoping their upcoming journey will help build greater acceptance of wolves as they reclaim lost territories across the West and that OR-7 is able to continue to safely travel in the wild.

5.) Our founder’s latest piece in Yale e360 on the important topic of finding and eliminating methane emissions from oil and gas drilling.

6.) We were happy to read this recent blog post on cleanenergy.org about how Miami is addressing rising sea levels. Being that almost all of our staff members have lived in or near Miami, we are pretty excited to see that action  is being taken at the local level in response to climate change.

7.) This NPR April Fool’s Day prank. We know, we know. It’s not so recent. But with everything going on around here, we haven’t had a “favorite things” post in a few weeks,…and it’s just too funny not to mention. We think this all of the time when we read the comments on news articles.

Hope everyone’s having a great week!

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